Scale Your Land Business with a

Trained-For-You Acquisitions VA

Don’t waste $30,000+ hiring and firing the wrong talent. Let our 7-figure land team replicate a proven hiring process for YOUR business with a risk-free guarantee.

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Hear what our clients are saying

“Having a turnkey solution [a Learn Land VA] … was a no-brainer.”

Ajay Sharma

Assets for Acres

Hiring a Learn Land VA “is going to allow you to vet more deals, do more deals. Which means more money for your business.”

Ray Seaman

Ocala Road Land Co


Trained VA from a Battle Tested organization

Optimized training program that has helped dozens of land investors before you

Save hundreds of hours hiring, firing, and training

Redeploy that time into doing more deals.

Relentless Follow Up

Are you following up 15 times per lead? Your VA’s come prepared to follow up with your sellers more

Deals to Dollars

We use your dead leads as training for your VA so they can learn your markets and bring deals back to life!

Freedom for Higher Value Tasks

No more phone tag. Spend your time finding the next honey hole or doing your first subdivide

Continuing Education and Community

We hold 4 trainings every month to ensure your VA is continually refining their skill set

More Satisfied Clients

In their own words

Hiring a Learn Land VA “is the best money I’ve spent on my business this year without question.”

Brian Leppard

Open Land USA

“Before getting a [Learn Land] VA,” my business “just wasn’t scaleable.”

Justin Piche

Scout Land Group

Hiring a Learn Land VA “is the number one thing that’s helped my business.”

Dan Watje

The Land Department

How it Works

Week 1: Vetting and Interviewing

Our team will review resumes, and screen for job-personality fit, relevant experience, and English proficiency

Week 2: Getting them all set up for training

Once you approve your new hire, your VA will prepare to join our team for an in-depth 3 week crash course on all things land acquisition

Weeks 3-5: In-Depth Training

With the leads you send over (and some of our own), your VA will learn to comp, make acquisitions calls, negotiate, and follow up with sellers all while being trained on tools such as Trello, Podio, MapRight, and FollowUpBoss

Week 6: Trained and Delivered

Your VA will be ready to begin helping you scale your land business

More Satisfied Clients